Importance of Technical Skills
November 29, 2019
Saudi Arabia – Architecture, Engineering and Construction
November 29, 2019
Importance of Technical Skills
November 29, 2019
Saudi Arabia – Architecture, Engineering and Construction
November 29, 2019

Are you looking forward to boosting your career in the UAE? Do want to hunt more prominent positions with a brighter future? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. UAE is considered one of the most demanding countries when it comes to job opportunities. The high demand is due to the growing companies that are always looking to expand and the big ones that continuously need new employees. There are ample job opportunities and a vast number of careers that you can go after. In this article, we will be showing you the most demanding jobs in the UAE.

1. IT and Software Developers

This career is expected to boom and grow more extensive as a result of the steady expansion of companies. It is among many other in-demand jobs in Dubai 2019. The continuous growth of companies in the UAE is remarkable, which requires new employees to help these associations to develop. Dubai also has Dubai Internet City, which strives to be the Silicon Valley of the East. These companies are quite willing to offer huge salaries to System Programmers and Software Developers to guarantee the constancy of their computer devices, and the continuity of their work. If IT is your specialty, working in UAE surely will pay off.

Their moderate monthly salary package depends on the position. Junior Software Developer’s average monthly salary 8000 AED, while Senior Software Developer can achieve 14,000 AED.

Top Companies in This Field:

2. Accountant – Financial Analyst

If accounting is your field of study, and you are looking to have a brighter future, Dubai has a place for you. The career is steadily rising, and it will remain one of the most demanding jobs in Dubai and the UAE. Having accountants forecasting revenues and costs is the backbone of any successful institution, hence the massive need for them. Their role is to provide supervision over the investment decisions to take place. Dubai is known for having a vast number of malls, shops, and companies that unendingly require accountants.

The average monthly salary for a senior accountant is 14,000 AED, while junior accountants can start with an average of 5000 AED monthly.

Top Companies in This Field:

3. Engineers

Now if you chose Chemical or Petroleum Engineering as your career, you would doubtlessly find amazing opportunities in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Due to the variations of this career, it is for sure in increasing demand. There is a large number of engineering specialties in different specializations. Petroleum and Chemical Process Engineers are quite popular in Gulf countries, especially UAE since large amounts of oil was discovered in Dubai; also Dubai Petroleum Co. is the primary operator in the Emirates.

Engineers also get the privilege of having big salaries. The average monthly depends on the specialty:

  • Mechanical Engineer: 6000 – 10,000 AED
  • Aerospace Engineer: 12,000 – 20,000 AED
  • Electronic Engineer: 5000 – 8000 AED
  • Petroleum Engineer: 6000 – 15,000 AED
  • Chemical Engineer: 10,000- 27,000 AED

Top Companies in This Field:

4. Marketing and Social Media

This is your chance if you work as an SEO Specialist or at any field of marketing and social media. New companies and markets are launching in UAE, so they necessarily need to market their brand using marketing techniques and Social Media. Nowadays, everything is run and controlled by Social Media; therefore, companies require employees to be in charge of this segment. They are highly essential to maintain the evolution and the development of the business. These are considered to be in demand jobs in UAE, and one of the high demand jobs in Dubai precisely. Marketing will always remain the key to success for any company, and social media is considered a means to help in this success. That’s why these careers are increasing and in high demand.

Average monthly salary for startups is 4000 AED, while managers can take an average of 10,000 AED.

Top Companies in This Field:

5. Paralegals

Are you a law student? Have you practiced any law activities before? If you have, you need to check this job. It is one of the top high demand jobs in UAE, for the sake of establishing a reliable business. It’s most required in UAE due to the new business groups, and because they are new, they would rather hire a Paralegal than a lawyer to avoid paying too much. Paralegals usually work in a lawyer’s office, corporation, or governmental agency. A Paralegal is a promising career that started to rise in the past decade, and it will continue to do so because many companies cut costs and save budgets by hiring them instead of hiring lawyers.

Their average monthly salary range is 7000 AED – 13,000 AED.

Top Companies in This Field:

6. Teaching and Academics

If you’re looking for jobs in demand in Dubai, with or without experience, this career is one of the best in that category. Teaching will forever remain a priority in every country, and the need for teachers won’t decrease, on the contrary, it will keep growing for a better future for the country and its people. Teachers now can find their career boost in the UAE, especially in Dubai and Sharjah. New and old international schools require teachers daily in all subjects. Most schools need 2-3 years of experience; however,  some schools do not necessarily demand expertise.

Their monthly salary range is high; it is around 9000 – 24000 AED.

Top Schools

7. Hospitality and Tourism

Whether you’re a tour guide, chef, or managing a restaurant, this opportunity is for you. Since the UAE is one of the preferred destinations to a huge number of nationalities, they invest in Tourism and Hospitality. They require many employees to work as Tour Guides, Chefs, Host or Hostess, and Cleaning Staff to present the country in the finest way possible. Hospitality and Tourism are major contributors to the success and growth of the UAE. This is why they will continue to grow and flourish, specifically in Abu Dhabi. Their average monthly salary differs according to their positions:

  • Restaurant Manager: 5000 – 8000 AED
  • Hotel Service Supervisor: 7000 AED
  • Food and Beverage Supervisor: 3000 AED
  • Tour Guides: 5000 AED

Top Companies in This Field:

8.  Medical, Healthcare and Nursing

This is your chance if you’re a Dermatologist, Gynecologist, Orthopediologist, a nurse or looking for a career shift to medicine. There are around 180 Medical Centers and schools in the UAE; they offer certificates that allow students to practice the profession. They stress on having these courses because working in the Medical field is very important and highly demanded; it can be one of the highest demand jobs in the UAE. The career is very flourishing due to the increasing number of people in the country. UAE makes it its ultimate goal to care for its people.

Because UAE is advanced and progressive, Healthcare is essential to keep up their accomplishments. Therefore, this career will keep rising, improving, and demanding.

The average salary for a nurse is 6000 AED, while doctors or physicians can take up to 35,000 AED per month.

Top Companies in This Field:

9. Administration

Do you work as an admin assistant or a data entry specialist? If your answer is yes, you need to check this. Administrative assistants play a crucial role in the operations of any company, so it is crucial to establish strong relationships in business. They also have a flourishing future to be promoted to executive levels and management.

This is one of the highest demand jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah because most if not all businesses in the UAE demand assistants, secretaries, and data entry specialists to ensure the continuity of their work. It has a wide range of opportunities and a great future. This position is relatively everywhere in the UAE. Their average salary range is 4000 – 8000 AED.

Top Companies in This Field:

10. Human Resources and Recruitment

In case your job is a recruiter, HR employee, or even HR manager, you will find this very helpful. Employees in this career not only have a great understanding of their company’s priorities,  but they also can affect the future of it based on the decisions they make. Human resources jobs are required in almost every company, so it will maintain its importance and rising opportunities. This need will keep increasing for the significant number of companies, whether startups or long-standing companies in the UAE. The salaries differ according to positions.

The junior HR recruiter’s average salary is 5000 AED, while HR managers’ pay can reach 24,000 AED.

Top Companies in This Field:

11. Artificial Intelligence

You are now reading about one of the most demanded jobs in UAE, specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi. UAE’s strategy for Artificial Intelligence has launched in 2017, and it aims for relying mainly on devices to store as much data as possible to perform with the least human resources and save 50% of annual costs. Since this is UAE’s plan, they will surely demand employees to guarantee the completion of the process. National Programme for Artificial Intelligence is the governmental promise of implementing the AI throughout UAE and observing its impact on humankind. Their average monthly salary is 7000 AED.

Top Companies in This Field:

This was a summary of the highest demand jobs in the UAE, with details about their salaries and future. We hope it helps you pave a path for a fruitful career in the Emirates.

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